Погрижи се за катеричката

Игра : Погрижи се за катеричката

рейтинг : 3.55 от 8 | играна : 1041 пъти
Описание на играта
Ти трябва да се погрижиш за външния вид на тази катеричка.

Използвай мишката за да играеш тази игра.


  • Lynda - 2016-11-17 07:09:22
  • After to7&da#821y;s record breaking rain (July 17th) in Portland, Oregon and how awful our weather has become over the past 10 years, something is up! Even our local weathermen try to say it’s a norm, but we are 15F below our average temps. This simply is NOT the NORM! Guess one has to be old enough to realize, something is up and no one is telling the truth except you. Thank you for being there on this.. I will be there on that day for you!
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